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Frequently Asked Questions Specifically About Property Management


We are often asked what sets us apart from other Property Mangers. It’s a fair question considering that you are considering trusting us with one of the largest assets in your portfolio. The following is a list of FAQ’s that we hope will help you determine if we are the right fit.


What Will It Mean To Hire You as My Property Manager ?

Not knowing what to expect from a property manager is common, but with almost 40 years of expertise in real estate, we are committed to giving both tenants and home owners the best experience possible.  You can trust that we have the ability to handle all of your needs as well as those of the tenants chosen for your home. Additionally, by answering some of the more common questions we’re asked by potential clients below, we hope to give you a better sense of how we operate and exactly what you can expect from us should we become your property manager. As one of the few companies that operate solely as property managers, we have insight others may not possess, as they aren't dedicated to this particular aspect of the profession full time.  We're also happy to answer any additional questions you may have that are not listed below!


How Do You ensure That The Tenant Is Taking Care of My Home ?

A good property manager knows that the only way to ensure that your home is properly cared for is through selecting good tenants.  We make it a point to drive by each of our managed properties weekly, as we’ve found that when the outside is being taken care of, the inside is as well.


What Happens If I Believe My Property Is Not Being Well Maintained ?

As property managers, it is important that we offer tenants an opportunity to correct any situation. If the problem persists, we will make decisions together based on the specific situation.


What Will You Do If A Tenant Decides Not To Pay The Rent ?

The truth is that when our tenants don’t pay the rent, we don’t get paid ourselves. For this reason, rent is always due on the 1st of each month with leniency given until the 5th.  If we haven’t received rent or indication that it will be paid by a specific date, we contact tenants by phone, mail, and  e-mail.  If rent continues to remain unpaid, we will send an eviction notice that states a tenant must pay within three days or face eviction.  In general, we are willing to work with our tenants as we understand issues can sometimes arise.  If we’ve had no prior issues with a tenant concerning rent or upkeep of a property, it will be in everyone’s best interest to allow them an opportunity to catch up.  As property managers, it is important for us to examine each situation as it arises.  We will help you make the decision that is best for you and your home in the long run.


How Will You Keep Me Informed ?

At Bellevue Real Estate we follow the rule that “no news is good news.” We usually touch base with our property owners on an as need basis, preferably by e-mail (so there is a written record for all).  Other than that, you will simply receive your annual statement and 1099-Misc in January.  We absolutely encourage you to visit/contact us with questions or concerns as they arise.


How Do You Handle Maintenance Requests ?

Tenants are invited to call, e-mail, or stop by our office in the event a repair need arises.  We also have an emergency line for after hours.  We have built excellent relationships with a variety of Independent Contractors, and fully trust that the individuals we use will make the necessary repairs, in the least amount of time, at the best price.


When Do You Withhold Monies For Repairs ?

We will contact you regarding an estimate for any necessary repairs (that are above our contractual agreed limit) and make an agreement to withhold the monies from your proceeds check.


May I Use My Plumber or Heating/Cooling Contractor to Accomplish Repairs ?

In short, yes. We do caution however, that we cannot be held responsible for their performance.  Additionally, we ask you to keep in mind that our reputation as a company firmly depends on our ability to provide excellent service.  For this reason, we encourage you to allow us to use individuals that we have built solid relationships with, as we know and trust them to do an excellent job for all concerned.


How Is The Amount Of Rent Determined ?

Based on the current market, your home’s square footage, amenities and condition, we will recommend a range you should expect for rent.


Do You Have A Minimum Contract Term ?

We have an annual contract, which renews automatically.  If either party chooses to terminate the contract, it will be accomplished by mutual agreement.


What Types of Housing Do You Manage? 

In our many years of experience, we've managed many different properties in Bellevue NE and the surrounding areas. From houses to rent near Offutt AFB to townhouses closer to the Omaha metro - from small homes to large homes, we've managed it all! 


 How Soon Are You Able To Begin Managing My Home ?

We are happy to begin the process immediately. Initially, we will simply need to obtain some information about both you and your property.  


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